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Layout Tips

As we review your layouts against our basic checks we sometimes pick up other issues. If we do we’ll let you know. However, we can’t guarantee that we will spot every problem. This is why we ask you to check each layout at 100% zoom before you upload them to us. That way everything is checked by us and you before printing.


To help we’ve put together a list of common layout issue.


1. Images close to, or on trim line


To create a neat book we need to trim the top, bottom, left and right edges of the book block.


If your images are too close to the page edge there is a risk that we may cut into them when trimming the book block. To avoid this we recommend leaving at least 15mm – 20mm border around your design. If you want your images to bleed off the page, place the images to the very edge of the spread.


To help we have created Photoshop actions that will create blank spreads and add our trim guides. If adding guides to your existing files you must ensure that the source file is 300dpi and sized correctly before running the action. If not the guides will be incorrectly positioned.


Download Bespoke Photobooks Photoshop actions.


2. Page centring/alignment issues


As we need to trim a little from the left and right edges, the centre line of each side may not be where you expect it to be. For example, visualise the spread both before and after the edges have been trimmed. If you were to align your images to the centre line on each side (see image) before trimming, after we trim the book your images will be closer to the page edge than to the centre crease. Makes sense? In short, if you want your images perfectly centred after the book has been trimmed you need to align your images to the centre line of the final book (post trim) dimensions.


If designing with PhotoJunction you can use the “Align to page centre” button. If designing with Photoshop you can use our guide actions to create the correct guides.


3. Spread centring/alignment issues


We recommend that you double check layouts for alignment issues. This could be by design, or it could have been a slip of the mouse. Again, give your files a close inspection before sending them through to us.