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File Preparation


We currently only accept JPGs.

Each double page spread should be uploaded as a single JPG. Please don’t send us individual pages.

We expect sRGB JPGs at 300ppi.



Portrait:  349 x 506 mm

Landscape:  236 x 650 mm

Square:  307 x 600 mm



Please save your JPGs at 300dpi and at high quality. Exported files should be around 2-5MB or larger in size. We prefer sRGB profiled images although we will honour any embedded profile. If a profile is not embedded in the JPG we will assume it is sRGB.



Once you have placed your order via our online shop you will receive an order confirmation email with a link to our file uploader. Have your order number to hand and simply follow the instructions to upload your files via your web browser.

Once we have downloaded your files from our server we’ll send you an acknowledgement email.



Your album spreads are printed and bound in sequential order, so naming your files correctly is important. We suggest that you use a sequence number at the beginning or at the end of the file name and that each sequence number has two digits. For example 1 would actually be 01. A full filename therefore could be…





and so on…



We operate a fully colour calibrated workflow and we highly recommend your workflow is also colour calibrated. If you’re having problems with dark images from other labs and album companies, it’s probably an issue with your screen brightness being set too high – this is the most common problem.



We don't offer a test print service but we do offer a sample pack contain prints on all our paper-types, just ask and we will pop one in the post to you. 

JPG dimensions

File specifications


Uploading your spread

How should I name files?

Colour mangement

Test Print?